About Us & Volunteer Options

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Not-for-Profit Miss Vermont Scholarship Organization, Inc. is to provide scholarships to young women of Vermont while coaching their leadership skills, mentoring their participation in relevant community service, enhancing their unique talents, and developing their personal confidence, grace and style.


Organization Info

Board of Directors

Cookie Steponaitis, Executive Director

Barbara Wilkinson, Treasurer

Brittany Rhoads-Puopolo, Secretary, OT Coordinator

Mary Catherine Jones, Business Manager, Board President

Richard J. Fox, Attorney of Record

Maureen Golden, Fundraising and Scholarship Development Chair  

Katherine Levasseur, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator                  

Tammy Johnson, Miss Coordinator 


Committed Volunteers

Susan J. Lackey, CMNH Coordinator, Committed Volunteer

Rod Hawkins, Producer

Amy Johnson Jackman, Judges Chair

Eternity, Web Site Design + Development

Alayna Westcom & Jeanelle Achee, Red Clover Prince and Princess Program             




Volunteer Positions Available 

*Assistant Fundraising Coordinator

*Miss America/Miss America's Outstanding Teen Prep Team 


If you are interested in any of the above positions, please contact-
Cookie Steponaitis:
Mary Catherine Jones,