Bridport’s Erin Connor Will Fly Herself to the Miss America Competition


Miss Vermont, Erin Connor, travels to Atlantic City, New Jersey on Sunday to compete in the Miss America competition. Unique among this year’s contestants, Connor is a certified private pilot and will be piloting the plane that flies her from the Burlington International Airport to the Atlantic City airport. Erin is a 2013 graduate of Vermont Flight Academy at Vermont Technical College. Doug White is sponsoring the flight and serving as Connor’s co-pilot for the journey. Erin will be flying a single-engine Arrow airplane with a 200hp engine.

“I’m so proud to be a female pilot. I cannot wait fly myself into Miss America Competition” Connor said. “Talk about putting Vermont on the map first thing at Miss America! Vermont is literally flying in for the title this year!”

Erin won the title of Miss Vermont and over $11,000 in scholarships and awards in April. In her first quarter as Miss Vermont, Erin made over sixty appearances across the state promoting her personal platform, Tailwinds: Training a New Generation of Women Scientists. She has worked hard to perfect her American Sign Language talent and hone her interview skills with local experts and mock interview judges. A 2017 graduate of the University of Vermont, Erin also has the distinction of having served as Miss Vermont’s Outstanding Teen in 2010—the teen division of the Miss Vermont program.

Erin will compete for the national title and over $50,000 in academic scholarships over three nights of preliminary competition. On Tuesday, September 5th, she will have a private interview with the judges. On Wednesday September 6th, she will compete in On-Stage Question. On Thursday, September 7th, she will compete in Lifestyle & Fitness and Evening Wear, and on Friday, September 8th, she will compete with her American Sign Language Talent to Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love of All.” The final night of competition will be Sunday, September 10th at 9pm EST and will feature the top sixteen states LIVE on ABC. For more information, visit

Miss Vermont’s Outstanding Teen to vie for National Title

Miss Vermont’s Outstanding Teen, Jenna Lawrence, is off to Orlando to represent Vermont at the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen pageant this week.  She has fine-tuned her vocal talent piece with the help of a local studio and has been grilled by panels of “mock” interview judges.  Since becoming Miss Vermont’s Outstanding Teen at the end of April, Jenna has travelled across the state promoting her platform, Alzheimers and Dementia Awareness and Advocacy. She even spoke at the Longest Day event in Burlington, sharing her story with the supporters of the Alzheimers Association of Vermont.

“Alzheimers and dementia are diseases that affect everyone. As I watched a love one struggle with these diseases, I became passionate about helping others manage relationships with their loved ones fighting this illness. I hope to become Miss America’s Outstanding Teen to spread awareness for this issue and to ultimately be a part of the solution and end Alzheimers for good” said Miss Vermont’s Outstanding Teen, Jenna Lawrence.

Jenna will compete for the national title and $25,000 in academic scholarships over three nights of preliminary competition. On Monday, July 24th, she has a private interview with the judges. On Tuesday, July 25th, she will showcase her vocal talent onstage. Wednesday, July 26th, Jenna will compete in Evening Wear and On-Stage Question and Thursday, July 27th she will compete in Lifestyle & Fitness. The final night of competition will feature the top fifteen states and is available to the public on a live webcast. More information on how to view the final night of competition can be found at

Miss Vermont Scholarship Organization Executive Director, Roberta “Cookie” Steponaitis says “Jenna has made us proud with her work as Miss Vermont’s Outstanding Teen. She is an outstanding advocate for Alzheimers and dementia awareness and has raised thousands of dollars to support this cause through local organizations. We’re excited to see her continue to share her gifts and hope to see her become the next Miss America’s Outstanding Teen.”

2017 Titleholders Crowned!

Erin Connor, 22, of Bridport was crowned Miss Vermont 2017 at the historic Vergennes Opera House on Friday, April 21, 2017.  Erin is a student at the University of Vermont, where she is studying Public Communication. She performed America Sign Language to The Greatest Love of All in the talent portion of the competition. Members of the deaf community from Vermont and Massachusetts attended the show to see her perform.

Connor lives her platform “Tailwinds: Training a New Generation of Female Scientists” through her many years promoting STEM and sharing her experience as a pilot across the state.  “As Miss Vermont, I will expand the experiments, connections, and programs open to young women who need to believe in themselves and reach for the sky and their limitless possibilities” she said. Erin will be representing the state at the Miss America pageant in historic Atlantic City in September.

The Miss Vermont program also crowned their teen ambassador on Saturday.  Jenna Lawrence, 16, of St. Albans is the new Miss Vermont’s Outstanding Teen.  A singer, she performed “Jar of Hearts” during the show. Lawrence is a junior at BFA St. Albans and will be promoting her platform, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Advocacy and Awareness. Jenna says, “I’m thrilled to be able to reach so many more people in Vermont as Miss Vermont’s Outstanding Teen. My experience advocating for Alzheimer’s awareness has been so fulfilling and I can’t wait to hit the ground running in this new role.” Jenna will represent the State of Vermont at the Miss America’s Outstanding Teen competition in Florida this August.